Bass Amp Hire

We stock a range of bass amp hire Bristol options from the legendary manufacturer Ampeg. Even before the first days of rock n roll, Ampeg were producing bass amps that broke new ground. The release of their revolutionary B-16 amp in 1960 went on to shape the sound of music for the next decade.

They followed this in 1969 with the Ampeg SVT (Super Valve Technology). One of the most revered and influential amps of all time. The SVT-450H amp that we stock is one of the most respected incarnations of that seminal amp. A favourite of artists ranging from AC/DC to Nirvana and the Rolling Stones.

Ampeg 4x10 Bass Cab

Ampeg B410HLF 4x10 Bass Cab

Ampeg Amp Head

Ampeg SVT-450H Amp Head

Ampeg Amp Head

Ampeg SVT-450 + Cab Combo


We offer discounts for longer hires with same day local delivery. If there are any specific hire items that you cannot see listed please contact us and we’ll be happy to source for you or suggest a like-for-like alternative.