Projector Hire

A range of Bristol projector hire options for all occasions. From group presentations to live streaming requiring continuous high quality visual and sound.

The two questions that should be considered to ensure you hire the right solutions are the size of your audience and the resolution of your presentation.

The audience size will allow you to select the most suitable screen size. The resolution will determine how high quality a projector you require. Dependant on whether you plan to project static images of project full HD streaming video and audio.

Panasonic 12k Laser Projector

Panasonic 12k Laser Projector

EB G7905U

Epson EB-G7905U 7000 Lumen Projector


We have experience of providing streaming solutions for a number of live events across a broad range of event sectors. We are happy to share our experience and advise on any elements you’re having difficulty with.

We are also able to set up demonstrations of any of our Bristol projector hire equipment. See how it works in advance and get a better idea for how to incorporate it within your event.

To arrange a demonstration or talk to us about any event specifics that you would like assistance with please contact us.