D&B Audiotechnik

D&B audiotechnik's unique sales proposition is that they are able to augment the volume - or hearability - of a speaker or musician, without affecting the quality of the sound. They achieve this flat response by utilising a specific digital signal processing (DSP) so that profile changes introduced by loud speakers and other audio components are compensated for and thus eliminated. 

Their UK operation is based out of Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, which is also the hometown of one of the Okoru directors. This local link with Stroud extends further to many members of our freelance community. Thomas De Brabant, one of our regular freelance sound engineers and designers works closely with D&B on a number of events, which has given us access to their outstanding selection of audio products. 

Although we do not stock any D&B Audiotechnik, we have access to the full range of their products through a supplier network and would suggest many of their systems as some of the best in the industry for their size vs punch. We think it's likely we will stock D&B in the near future. Please get in touch for Bristol or South West hire of D&B Audiotechnik.